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Clever Login

What Is Instant Login?

What Is Instant Login?

Instant Login is the easiest way for students, teachers, and admins to log in to applications - it provides single sign on (SSO) access to all online learning applications in the same place. No longer do students, teachers, or administrators need to waste time juggling multiple usernames and passwords! Instant Login is the next step in making it easier to use technology in the classroom.
How does Instant Login Work?

How does Instant Login Work?

Whether it’s Google, or another Identity Provider, many schools have a username and password that students already use to access technology at their school site. Instant Login allows you to use that same system to authenticate users for learning applications, rather than creating new credentials each time.
Here’s how the login flow works:
  1. Users access the District Clever URL "" and click the “Log in with Google” button.
  2. Next, "Clever would like to know who you are on Google and View your Email Address", click the blue "Allow" button. 
  3. Upon successfully logging in, Google uses claim rules to send Clever a piece of data that identifies the user that’s logging in.
  4. Using that data, we allow that user to access their Clever applications without needing to log in again!
Because the actual login is handled by Google, Clever will never have access to the usernames and passwords used for logins.