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Self Service Password Reset Tool

Dear employees,
We are launching a self-service password reset service! This service makes it possible for you to reset your own password without contacting the helpdesk. We have chosen this service to minimize the frustration associated with forgetting passwords and being locked out of your accounts. 
What you need to know:
• Launching today.
• Available 24/7
• Must enroll to use the service
Find out more about the service: Click or tap here to learn more!
The password reset service is live! 
You need to enroll in the service before you can start using it. Enrollment is mandatory. 
To complete your enrollment, you will need to collect enough stars to fill the star bar by selecting and providing the appropriate information for the available identity services.
Your information is not collected or stored, and your activity on the services is never monitored.
Once you have enrolled in the service, you can reset your password from:
1. The hyperlink on the Windows Login Screen. (Reset Password)
3. From the mobile app available in the Apple App Store or Google Play (SpecOps FingerPrint)