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About the MEUSD School District

The Mountain Empire Unified School District is the Southeastern most school district in San Diego County, bordering the Mexican State of Baja California on the South and Imperial County on the East. The District is in mountainous terrain, which varies in elevation from 2,500 to 6,000 feet above sea level. Mountain Empire Unified School District encompasses over 660 square miles.
The District began educating students in 1923 and was composed of seven elementary schools and one union high school. Unification of the District took place in 1952. The District now consists of four (4) elementary schools, Pre-K through 6th grade; one (1) middle school, 7th through 8th grade; one (1) high school; and an Alternative Education Program, 7th through 12th grade. Our Governing Board is composed of seven members, who are elected at large and represent the trusteeship in which the member resides.   
The rural setting and the sparsely populated area requires extensive bussing of students; however, it also provides a healthy, cheerful surrounding, which strengthens educational opportunities.