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Expanded Learning

The Mountain Empire Unified School District, Expanded Learning Program collaborates with selected community-based organizations that have expertise in youth development and out of school time programming to operate its Expanded Learning Programs.

In partnership with ASES and Expanded Learning Opportunities Grant, our Elementary Schools offers academic support, enrichment activities, for TK-6th grade students, five days per week throughout the school year and beginning in 2022-2023, additional summer and school break programs.

Expanded Learning Vision, Mission, Purpose

Expanded Learning Vision, Mission, Purpose

Our After School Education and Safety Program’s vision is to provide a high-quality, safe and supportive environment that provides social emotional support, helps with educational needs and also offers fun and enriching activities in collaboration with our community to support all students enrolled in Mountain Empire Unified.
Expanded Learning Across Mountain Empire Unified

Expanded Learning Across Mountain Empire Unified

Bowling Fun during Fall Break Camp

Summer Math Learning at MEHS

Lego Robotics at Descanso Elementary

Seaworld Field Trip during Fall Break Camp

Seaworld in a Bag

Pinata making at Potrero

Clay Plate Art at Campo Elementary

Almost Showtime!

Thank you Pine Valley Dance & Play for your Partnership

Pine Valley Dance & Play

Expanded Learning Field Trip to San Diego Zoo during Fall Break Camp

Hedgehog Valentine's Day Art