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Google Chromebooks

MEUSD currently deploys 1:1 Chromebooks for our students, we strive to provide as many helpful resources as possible to our students and staff. This page is intended to provide a 'getting started' resource for students and staff and not a comprehensive, in-depth training.
*Some functions may be different than depicted in the videos due to MEUSD's Chromebooks being set up as a district device and not a personal device. These differences are minimal. See notes below videos.
Logging into the Chromebook is easy!
Simply use your District Google login, the same login you use for Google Docs and Email on your computer.
These videos will provide a simplified overview of the Chromebook which will only get you started and on the road to Chromebook proficiency!
The total runtime for all videos on this page is 17 minutes
Begin with the intro video and follow them in order (as numbered) or skip around. The choice is yours!
To access more comprehensive learning opportunities for Google Apps, what they are and how to apply them in class, CLICK HERE.